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Suz's Cowboy Hat

Who I am and why I’m here!


(Update 2016: Wow, this was my very first welcome. I’ve learned so much in 4 years. Wait?! Four years? Can that be right? Wow. Anyway … here’s my new Welcome page and my new About page. So glad you stopped by!  Are you ready to explore more on the cottage path?)




  1. Hello! Hello! You did it!

    • YAY! First comment! 🙂 I’m going to install a “theme” today and get this thing Suzanne-ified! Thanks for stopping by! You made my day! I pray your goes sweetly and smoothly! <3

  2. Wonderful Suzanne, just wonderful!! Welcoming YOU to the blogging world.

    For His glory alone… (Ps. 115:1)

    • Thank you, Daniele!

      I’m just now figuring out that I need to check my “inbox” of comments once in awhile. 😉 Sorry for delay in answering! Now … to figure out how to get my pic in the little box over there rather than than ghosty-looking fellow. Your smile is contagious!

      I’m loving the set-up! Will be going LIVE FOR REAL on April 2nd! 🙂

      Love ‘n’ life one learning moment at a time,

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