A Peek into the Past


Springtime always causes me to pause.  And ponder.  One year, I pondered chickens.

Is Not a Chicken

As I look back on this year of hope (and a wee bit of the allotted drama), I find my past coming to meet my future.   So, while we all await the official launch of this blog, I thought I’d give you a peek into that past:


A Chicken Mom is Not


A chicken I did become, after this article was written – bumping my head seems to do that to me – for awhile at least.

God, however, has a way of filling chickens with a stuffing of courage, seasoning them with His Word, and baking them in a steamy oven of challenge.

And out we come, back on the platter of life, ready to serve!

I like chickens and I like grocery stores.


What do you think of when springtime peeps around the calendar?



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