How I Started a Blog and How You Can, Too!

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It all began on Caring Bridge, with the need to stay in touch with family and friends during challenging medical times.

The word-stream branched out to Home School Enrichment, writing the Home School Chuckles column and  jotting a few words on a blog of whimsical homeschool ramblings.   Nothing like searching for a laugh in the midst of a challenge!


The stream widened at Bright Ideas Press, through whom I’ve met wonderful people, and have been stretched to be. Just to be. Me. (affiliate links)

Bright Ideas Press store

 Then my world turned even more right-side up when I met BEECH at the beach.


BEECH image_thumb2

Making tracks from the BEECH sand of Vero Beach, Florida (I rode Amtrak!), I surfed cyberspace searching and researching (and re-researching) streams of info, until I landed on Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Using WordPress, I chose the Genesis Framework by Studio Press with the Prose Theme.  Adding LiveWriter to my desktop for ease in post creation, I jazzed my graphic life up with Picassa.

When I got stuck, Blogging with Amy answered more questions than I knew I had.

Have you been wanting to start a blog?

  • Begin by doing a little research. Clicking the links above is a great start!


Many thanks to my BEECH Blog Mentors and Friends!

Bob and Maggie Hogan @ Bright Ideas Press

Jennifer Jones Perry @ Daze of Adventure

Jolanthe Erb @ Homeschool Creations

Jimmie Lanley @ Jimmie’s Collage

Mo Spell @ Spell Out Loud

Jamerill Stewart @ Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling

Tricia Hodges @ Hodge Podge

Daniele Evans @ Domestic Serenity

Stacey Lane @ Layered Soul

Donna Spann @ Donna Spann

Karin Taylor @ Mommy Matters (update: link may not be active)

Rachel Martin @ Finding Joy



 I like learning and I like doing.

 What do you like and what do you like?

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This post contains affiliate links. Here’s what that means.

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  1. Wowzers woman! You learned and put into practice SO MUCH in so LITTLE time! Way to go. I know God will continue to use you to bless many!

  2. PS Now you need to add Twitter and FB so I can spread the word easily about each post that I love 🙂

    • Yah. I tried to connect them all, but got brain fog on the techno-side of life. I was able to get the general FB/TW buttons up, but not for each page. Sounds like I need to sing a Barlow Girls’ song: One More Round!

  3. I got the buttons on this page at least! 🙂

  4. It’s looking great, Suzanne. Congrats on your new venture. I am sure this will become a blessing to many and an outlet for yourself.

  5. Suzanne, your blog is bodacious! Now there’s a word we haven’t heard since the 90’s!!
    I love the lacy background! I also like the simplicity of how your blog is put together.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Lucia! Bodacious? LOVE IT! That’s the middle name of my (stuffed!) turtle: Tenacious Bodacious! He helped get me through rough days at the hospital with Winter in Denver last summer. One day I’ll have to post his picture. He sits in a mini-school desk under my holiday tree. 🙂

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