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I preferred to call social media by its given name: Facebook.  That’s as social as I was going to become in cyberspace.  Oh, I like social, but I don’t care for computers glued to my eyeballs, like frontlets to my forehead.

Facing Social Media

I didn’t want to become Twitterified.


Then I met Michael Hyatt.  Ok, I didn’t exactly meet him; I was introduced.  To his blog.  Through the old-fashioned medium of email.  Who knew God could still use email?

Mr. Hyatt nudged me the final few steps toward the Twitter cliff.  Some have cheered, some passed out, some shook their heads in dismay.  Some wondered if I was having another neurological event of unknown origin.

I wondered if I would get so lost in the twitter stream to the point of never seeing my homeschooled teen or college-age son again.  They don’t tweet, so how would we communicate if mama drowned in the sea of birdsong?

Then I followed tweeters tweeting about World Water Day.


Just so you know, it was yesterday.  But, don’t worry, you can still celebrate!  If you have clean water to drink.  There’s power in the punch when we can be thankful for something simple like water.

Welll, those few social media bytes about World Water Day opened a door of discussion not only with my daughter, but also with the gal taking my order at a local walk-up-and-order-your-panini café.  Our conversation included such topics as:

  • mango smoothie vs. frozen mango
  • how much calorie-watching is too much
  • how much lawn-watering is too much
  • how we don’t water our lawns much
  • how others water their lawns to impress their neighbors
  • how their neighbors aren’t impressed because they are too busy watering their lawn
  • how we need neighborhood pow-wows to determine exactly how much we care about each other’s lawns
  • how much we like whipped cream on our frozen mango, but it doesn’t like me
  • how much we enjoyed talking with one another
Whether we water our lawns or twitter our times, it’s all about awareness.



For now, Twittering has only expanded our homeschool adventure, not weakened it.  So, I have determined …

I like water and I like multifarious social media.

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