Homeschooling and Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness – whether your own or that of your loved one – can isolate the daylights – and the nightlights – out of a person.  Or into a person.   Are you there?

Bridge from the Caring to the Care-filled

Whichever way the lights go, the days and nights can get so very lonely.  We know there are folks out there who care, we just don’t always have the energy to write everyone back after a long day of caregiving or doctor visiting.  But we need them desperately to know, to pray, to care.

I See You

That’s why Caring Bridge has helped so many like us.  We can write once and be loved by many.

Why We Didn’t Sign Up Right Away

Several reasons kept me away from the bridge for a little while:

  • We don’t have cancer.
  • We aren’t computer programmers (although I’m learning much!).
  • It might cost an arm and a leg.
  • No one will read it.


Upon Digging …

When I did a little digging, I found the opposite to be true:
  • Cancer may be the most “popular” chronic illness in the media, but it certainly isn’t the only one people are dealing with.
  • Caring Bridge makes it UBER-easy to write a page.  No programming needed!
  • It’s FREE!
  • Even if no one reads it (which they will!) the opportunity to write is as valuable as the place for others to read.

 Caring Bridge

 A Beautiful Place for Love’s Feet

Whether caregiver or patient, Caring Bridge is a beautiful place to sneeze out the emotional pollen that gets us all itchy and snuffly inside with the weight of our challenges.  It’s a place to work out our feelings and to ask for prayer.  A place to glorify God when He answers, and to be honest about our frustrations when the answers don’t come.  It’s a place to heal.

Walk Together

And it’s a place to receive the love and compassion of family and friends when they take those extra few moments to post words of life and comfort!  Oooh, that guestbook is a boon!

Highly Recommended

If you have medical challenges or know anyone who does, Caring Bridge can make the way a little easier because sometimes … Life meets homeschooling in the doctor’s office.

I like health and I need support.


How have medical challenges impacted your world?


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