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Some stories are timeless because humans are humans are humans.  And sometimes even duckies are human.



At least, when Hans Christian Andersen writes the story!

The Ugly Duckling


Sometimes, we feel so very small in such a big world.  (A new blog in cyberspace, comes to mind.)  But Mr. Andersen has a way of enlarging even the tiniest creature, and God has a way of increasing the tiniest of creations.



Some stories of life are pleasant and hopeful, they tell of life and living.  Some remind us not all of life is pleasant.  But our hope of eternal life in Christ pulls us onward so we can face a new day, a new curriculum, a new mathematical concept, or maybe our last moments.

The Little Match Girl


Other stories, well, they just remind us who we are!



And they will remind us … not everyone will understand us.  But we should continue on, being who our Creator made us to be, whether that’s Hans Christian Andersen, or Suzanne Broadhurst – that’s me!

Homeschooling offers plenty of opportunities to feel like the odd duck, a small duck in a big pond, and sometimes a nameless duck in a sea of big names.   But when you are doing what God has called you to do, gathering your ducklings close to your heart – and His – although the rains may come, and the ponds may flood, ultimately life is just ducky!

I like realities and I like stories.



 Happy Birthday, Hans!



What is your favorite Hans Christian Anderson story?




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  1. Way to go Aunt Suzy! Daddy and Grandpa would be so proud of you!

  2. I am here via Jamie’s blog and I am so glad I visited! I had just told my daughter that today is his birthday and we were about to read a story.

    Little Match Girl is not my favorite but it is the one that resonates in me the most. I find myself remembering it at odd times. I think because it was just so sad.

    I will be back! I can already tell I will love your blog. 🙂

    • Hi Karen, Jamie’s blog really blessed me this morning! I love how God works … like a complex lace pattern … each stitch valuable. Even the sad stitches start to weave their way into understanding His love for us. We’d rather pull them out, but He says, Let Me trim them to add depth to the pattern. (hugs!)

  3. Congrats, Suzanne for your launch! Happy birthday blog and happy birthday to Hans Christian Anderson.

  4. Happy launch day! Hans really comes across clear. I am partial to the Ugly Duckling. That God none of his children in Christ are ugly in his sight!

  5. Thank God (not “that God”) is what I meant to type! oops

  6. Hooray for new adventures to lean into God with! Excited for you and look forward to seeing you AND your blog blossom and grow… :o)

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