Making the Homeschool Decision, part 2

From Womb to Schoolroom

Homeschooling for me began before the womb was brimming with boy, or several months later, with girl.   My heart was to teach.  My heart was to teach my own.  I just needed one thing: children.

So when the Lord blessed me with two precious ones, education was already on the home life map as we began our earliest days of home schooling.

Here’s how we went from the womb to the schoolroom:


Baby and Grant

The basic principles of life I – a very, very inexperienced mom – taught my very, very young ones with only a few books from the library, and a herd of prayer were:


I love them

I’ll take care of them

I’ll protect them


And I used the two basic principles of education:

  • repetition
  • consistency



All I had to do, as the children approached school age, was apply the concepts of repetition and consistency to the:


A B C ‘s and 1 2 3 ‘s.


Easy enough.


And yet, this is where the time machine comes in.  I wish.  But alas (and anon), no such moment-remover has entered my life, and so the story stays consistent, even though I didn’t.

Throughout an educational journey, the basic edu-concepts should remain constant, only the subjects should change.  I, however, changed everything, including the landscape of our living and our living room.

I bought the desks.  I changed our world.  But it didn’t change my children.  And it didn’t change me.  For the better, at least.

Eventually, I discovered the problem wasn’t the place, it was the person: me.  I needed to adapt to the realities of children, not have them adapt to a system I was leaving behind.  It has been a long lesson, and I’m still learning!

In the game of edu-habits …



I won and I lost.

What was the first lesson you taught your young ones?



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