The Ultimate Out-of-the-Box Experience


When God moves someone out of a box, He really moves them.  Not only out of the box, but out of the graveclothes and back into circulation, spiritually at our call of faith in His Son,  and sometimes quite literally, as in the case of His Son.  Now that’s out-of-the-box!


Have you experienced the change from spiritual death to spiritual life?  There’s only one way: through belief in Jesus’ payment on the cross for what we all justly deserve – death forever, separated from God, and worse.

If we have new life in Christ, God has set our spiritual graveclothes to the side and we are alive in Him!  Spiritually, we are living out of the box!

And for those who have accepted His gift of salvation, we have the hope that even real life/real death/earthly graveclothes will never keep us from His presence. Forever with Him.   Forever.

Life doesn’t end when the body stops breathing –
whether we believe it or not.

But without the hope of resurrection, there is no hope.  Any earthly hope we might experience is nice – in a nice, temporal, nice way. But when the day our earthly box is ordered and the lid is shut, if we don’t have hope beyond the box, how much good is our earthly hope?


Like all earthly experiences, earthly hope feels good for the moment,

but if hope don’t last,

well, in the words of Sir Cular Logic, it don’t last.

Thank God for the resurrection of Christ.  Yes, Jesus the.


If it weren’t for His getting out of the box of the grave cave, we’d all be wishin’ and a hopin’ ‘til the cows came home, but not much longer.

He lived.  He died.  He was buried.  Dead.  Suffered for us.  Yah, all of us.  God busted Him from the box.  And He lives.


He paid the price.  We just have to pay ours: belief.

Not a big price considering the alternative.

Did you know the definition of disobedience is refusing to be convinced?  No wonder all He asks is that we believe.  If we aren’t convinced, we’re in disobedience.  To God.  And if we’re in disobedience, that means we’re sinning.  So much for the good works = ticket to heaven theory.

What’s the antonym to refusing to be convinced?   To accept.  To welcome.

I accept that Jesus is who Jesus says Jesus is.  Lord.  Savior.  Master.

Coming King.

Do you?


You are welcome.  Is He?

He died and yet He lives.

 You don’t have to take my word for it, though … take His.





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