Homeschooling Realities

As a new Christian back in the 80’s, viewing an early version of an end-times movie, it made sense to me that in Christ I had not received a ticket to the perfect life on earth.  I was ok with that because the offer of life in heaven was a gift itself.

But somewhere before becoming a Christian (I imagine Cinderella and Snow White had something to do with it), the seeds had been planted that marriage would give me the earthly-wow-ticket I was looking for and having children would be the validation stamp.


And certainly, I convinced myself, homeschooling would give me a first-class ride.  All those beautiful family relationships would produce perfection on earth, even if Christianity itself couldn’t.

Then I heard and swallowed – like the little ducky I was told to be – that Christianity could.  If I had enough faith.  So when a gift called Challenge popped into my life, introducing me to a lifelong partner called Reality, I rejected the invite.

I didn’t like Reality, so I buried my head and called it faith.   For awhile.  For quite awhile.  Until I couldn’t breathe.


With my beak buried, I followed in my Papa-Daddy’s footsteps and still found adventure in the journey.  When I would peek out, the light of reality would be searing, so I would talk it out with God, sometimes shout it out with Him that His idea of perfection and mine were well, not as compatible as I would like.  He listened.  And never shouted back.

Oh, He was clear, and He was firm, but He never shouted.  He just loved.

I don’t regret (most of) what I did during those years, and the actions I have regretted I have talked out, cried out, and carefully, thankfully set down … at the cross.  Isn’t He amazing?


While reality roared around my ears, changed my plans, and tweaked my life lessons, early homeschooling became the lifeline to imagination, to creation, to time for learning, and seeing God work in many, many ways.  And I got to experience all of that with my children!

But as the years went on, faith took a turn into the full face of reality.   And trusting Him with it.  And in it.


I like duckies and I don’t really mind reality (as much as I used to).


Where are you at in your relationship to reality?

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