Jellyfish and Frogs: Watercolor Crayon Art

Jellyfish and frogs.  It’s not the beginning of our homeschool story since it just happened a few weeks ago.  It’s actually quite toward the end.  Isn’t that encouraging?

School of the Culina Mensa Tree Frog


Through all the waters of all the homeschooling seas, God has been faithful, and I can toot His horn of rejoicing!


With one in college and one finishing her junior year, I was thrilled when my daughter (the junior) wanted to bring out the doodads and do an art project with me!

Water and Special Crayons

My BEECH friend, Tricia, has an art lesson series in pastels, so when we were given a set of Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons we enjoyed the instruction while using a different medium.

In the Seas of Creativity

I wonder if we could have gotten away with that in public school?  Probably not.  “Do it my way or sit in the corner!”  Blech.  So much for creativity.

I’m thankful we homeschool.  We can do it our way!  Right, Winter?


Winter Plans Her Jellyfish


First, we drew …


Jellyfish Beginnings


Then we colored in …

Coloring In the Frog


Then we used water to blend (LOVE those watercolor crayons!) …

Painting a Jellyfish

Finally, we added details …

Jellyfish Details


And then we were done!

Tree Frog by Suzanne Broadhurst Jellyfish by Winter Broadhurst


I like receiving instruction and breaking the rules.

The art rules, I mean.

What is your favorite medium to work with?


Many thanks to Tricia at Hodgepodge for the inspiration to be creative!




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  1. Oh my!!! How absolutely beautiful. You are inspiring us to enjoy frogs and jellyfish too. More importantly – I love the joy you convey in this post. Ah, art. It is absolutely the icing on the homeschool cake. Thank you so much for sharing. I am smiling big and wide!!

  2. The pictures look great on the site! It is really cool to see the art I see at home displayed in such a wonderful way! Gives it a whole new look!

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