Winter’s Summer: Chronic Illness Meets … the Beach?

I had a different post planned, but as plans go well, sometimes they don’t.  Next week, right?   🙂
So, I thought I’d jump right into my daughter’s story.  But where to start?  If I start at the beginning, I’ll get boggy-down-y in the details and emotions of it all.  (Probably why I started in the middle with my son, too!  These kids get to a mama’s-heart, don’t they?)

Thanks Winter, I Needed That!

(Thanks, Winter!  I needed that!)

I’d love to start at the end because then I’d know how the story will end.  I hope it will come to a grand finale moment with her being 100-years old, snuggling up to the many children – and adults – she is sure to impact throughout her life, ultimately resting in the loving arms of her Savior.  Forever.  And ever.  Amen.

But there are a few years – many, many years! – between now and the time she turns 100.  I wonder if blogs will still be on the planet, or if all these words will be stored in nowhere’s-ville?  Well, that’s another story.  Another blog.

Back to my girl …

Winter and Sparkles Treatment Time

I think I’ll start with where she is today and what she is facing this summer.  And the best way to do that (especially due to circumstances that changed my week) is through my friend, Mo Spell, who graciously allowed me to be a guest post-er on her website to get the word out about Winter’s Summer.

Please take a moment to read and share it. (UPDATE 2015: With new treatments, the need has passed and the post is no longer available.) You know how God works, a word here, a suggestion there, and before one knows it, an ANSWER to prayer!

Winter at the Beach

Winter at the Beach


If you can help in any way, please let us know!  We are trusting God oodles, whether we stay or go, or stay and go.  However He works it out, we will be content! (UPDATE 2015: He did work it out!)

For more of her story, be sure to read In the News.

And if you wouldn’t mind praying for Winter’s summer, that would be UBER-lovely!




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