Algebra Tutoring and Monster Trucks


I love Algebra on Tuesdays.

I tutor a pair of paradoxical, but nearly identical,
nearly-graduated high school students.

When we’re done with math, we talk trucks.

And Harleys.  And music.

I love Tuesdays.



Learning the whys behind the whats rocked my math world when I began using Math U See with my own children, and I’m instilling the whys in my tutorees, too.

My daddy would’ve loved this curriculum.  He and I used to spend hours out in the Rathskeller, our garage turned billiard room turned schoolroom.  And I wasn’t even homeschooled.  But I sure was home educated.

My daddy turned one whole wall into a huge green chalkboard and taught me math.  The teachers just wanted me to do the math with one simple rule of understanding:  Because it works.

But Daddy knew I wanted more.  I wanted the why.  It was out of the public school box,  so …

my Daddy taught me.  Boy, did he teach me.


Square Root of My Daddy

Learning square roots “the hard way” wasn’t as difficult as it was delightful with Daddy at my elbow, nodding or hmmm-ing depending on the accuracy of each mathematical step I took.



Like father like daughter, I suppose, because sharing 2x + 3x = 15

just rocks my world.


And when we end our x’s and square roots with music notes and truck stories, oooh the paradoxical roots really roll!


Monster Truck Neon

Oh Daddy, you should be here for this!

I like numbers and music and mud.

Who sparked the fire of your fav?



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