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I wish I still had my original Homeschool Plan notes.  I might still have them.  Somewhere.  In the attic?  With handprints and newspaper logs from our re-creation of Lincoln’s birthplace.  Noooo, I think that was one craft I didn’t save, but I do have pictures.  Somewhere.  Maybe in the attic.

Well, it’s sad but I’m not crawling up into the attic to find those plans.  Although … we could all get a good giggle, both from watching me climb into an attic, and looking over my plan.  I had such a good plan when I first started out.  A great plan, even.  IF I were going to be a classroom teacher of 25 rather than a mom of two.




I discovered something about myself in those early days of Idealistic Plans meets Realistic Life-living: I really wanted to teach.

That’s not a bad thing, considering I wanted to homeschool my children.  Without a teacher’s heart, the children might not have learned what they learned.

But along with my teacher’s heart, I had an ingrained image of what the educational process should look like.  And by golly, my now school-age kids were gonna learn.  While they sat in a desk.

Yah, well.  That lasted about two days.  And we only had one desk.  I never got around to buying the second one.  I didn’t want to make my second child cry, too.

My plan was to teach.  But their plan was to learn.

In the end … and in the middle … and in the early days, we all learned.  And we all taught.  And we all learned to listen … to one another.

Playin' in the rain

I’m so glad I listened!

I like to teach and I learned how to teach … from my children.


What are your children teaching you?



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