From Status to Store in Less than an Hour*

It started with a mulling.  It morphed to a status.  Once it was out of the box of the brain, the rest was rolling like gravy off a butter knife!
Not everyone “gets” everyone else’s causes.  That’s ok.  And that’s good-ok because there are so many needs in so many areas of life that if we all cared about the same thing, well, it would not only be boring, but a whole herd of folks would go uncared for.
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In our caring, however, others may misunderstand why we care more about our cares than about what they care about.  Although misunderstandings can be hurtful, there is something worse:  Stop-ful.


When we let misunderstanding (or not pausing to understand) stop us from doing what we care about, then I think we begin to care more about their opinions of us than what our own hearts are thumpin’ over.



There **is** a sieve I think we should sift our cares through: Philippians, chapter 4. Just to be sure we are caring about what God cares about!


All that misunderstanding pondering led to a thoughtful summation the other day, which I posted on a particular social media that allows more than 140 characters.  When a friend (that’s a hint as to which site I was on) suggested the thought be engraved on something (my friend’s words: anything, everything!) I jumped in on the fun and made her a t-shirt on
That was the plan: Just have some fun!  But then she asked if she could buy it, and I didn’t know the answer.

Little inside info:  I like to know the answer.

So … I found out.  And within an hour, SuzBGoods Zazzle Store opened.   Soon after, a coffee mug appeared (which only took moments – I know, boring – for now – but it’s a new field of adventure to explore!).

And now my daughter – an artist at heart – is involved in the design process!  Wait ’til you see what she’s got cookin’! 

Do you have a designer-at-heart in your home?  It’s free to design on Zazzle!  Let me know if you open a store!


Homeschooling Tip:  If an Out of the Box opportunity leaps before you [and you have the time to do it] jump in and have some fun!
For a Life Tip:  Read the T-shirt!  (or the coffee mug!)

I like planning and I like winging it.


What have you done lately that is Out of the Box?


*One hour plus a little wait time for Zazzle to do it’s behind-the-scenes set-up stuff.

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