History Timeline: Notebook Style

The kids are little, history needs to be taught, but where’s the time?

On the line!

We put time on the line … notebook-style!

We began – years ago – with who they knew (themselves!) and added family members, each on their own page (collage’d here for your viewing ease):


As we studied historical events, the children drew pictures, filling a Creation to Current Day Notebook.   Soon we expanded, create separate books for BC and AD.  A lot of history has happened over the years!

As you can tell from artistic abilities of alternating skill levels, we didn’t always study history in order.

Homeschool Tip:  You don’t have to either!

And Mama, don’t let the kids have ALL the fun!  Get in there and try your hand at history!


As children grow up, they will add their own commentary to the events of history.

Homeschool Tip:  Let them!



As long as they have the facts straight, allow them to view history from their own perspective.


As they grow and develop, they will make connections and formulate potentially developing/changing opinions.  When you add a page to the notebook, be sure to review (at least) the pages just BEFORE and just AFTER the recent entry so they can see the relationship between time and events.

And save their early renditions!  Don’t let them pull the pages out when they turn ten.   They might want to (“Oh Mom!  I can do better now!”) but they will be glad you kept their early years’ work when they are young adults and see their own history and growth throughout the pages.  (Mine  still enjoy a romp through time via their artwork, on occasion.)

One day they will add a page and you will be amazed at how far they’ve come –  under your tutelage.  (And it will feel good!  And you will Praise God!)

Our family is nearing the end of time as we knew it.  The last year of homeschooling will be upon us in the fall, but look how far timeline drawings have come since Beethoven!

Soon, it’ll be time to hitch up our boots and ride a new range of life and learning!

I like history and I’ll like the future.

How do you keep track of time?

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