Missions: Home and Abroad

Out of the Comfort Box

Both home and abroad, missions is missions.  It’s all an act of faith, just different tangles to leave to the Master Unweaver in prayer.

Leave it to the Master

A home missionary may be someone with a passion to reach fellow employees at a secular workplace. Or working on a reservation in Arizona.  Or doing what my husband does full-time:  counseling/teaching at an inner city rescue mission.

A foreign missionary has the same heart, just a much bigger (and sometimes much more dicey!) commute.

Missionaries come to America from Africa, and go from America to Africa, and stay close to home – all to share hope in Christ, the Savior.


One Lord, One Master over all.  Eminent.

The treasure we have in the Eminent One is settled.

All debts paid.  At the cross.

That was the message at the Bread for Life Banquet I attended with my husband, pastor, and church family (oooh, I love that phrase!).

It was all about:



Jesus, Lord of All.


Bread for Life

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The secondary message of the night was our usefulness to the kingdom.  Whether we write names in a temporary village pharmacy, or sing songs with little ones.  Whether our words are heard by a hundred pastors hungry to learn how to teach contextually, or whether our words are heard by a single woman in crisis.

Whether we stay or whether we go.  Pray or sow.

We’re all needed.

You are needed.  Are you in the kingdom, by the blood of Christ?  That’s where you are not only needed, but dearly wanted, in the heartbeat of our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be His name.  [Will you pause and ponder His name?]

I like home and I like far away.

What are your interests?
He can turn our simple offerings of a fish and a little bread into enough to feed the nations.  Will you hand Him your fish?


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