Bread for Life Missions Banquet

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Have you ever been somewhere that felt like home?  But simultaneously, your senses were pulled in new directions transporting you to another world?

Cameroon_NW Africa from WonderMaps


Have you ever been stirred in your heart like a pot of collard greens on the stove?  Just enough heat to wake up the flavors, but not so much to burn.

The recent Bread for Life Banquet was like that.

Dawn, Ernest and Pat

Dawn, Ernest and Pat

Ernest Ehabe, from Cameroon, Africa, met us with his heart, energy, plans, and most of all his love for God in a large fellowship hall brimming with enthusiasm, curiosity and a passion to know Him and make Him known.  But burning guilt?  Nope, not invited.



Along one wall, a display of brilliantly colored, intricately bejeweled Cameroonian clothing – bright pinks and lavenders, cherries and citrus, silver- and gold-threaded embroidery displaying the local skill set – awaited silent auction bidders to take them home.

Walking around were some beautiful outfits, too, as those who had taken previous missions trips with Bread for Life presented a moving taste of far-away design.


Speaking of taste!  Wow.  Chicken breasts in a not-spicy-but-super-flavorful red sauce, the perfect rice (a Cameroonian staple, comprising much – 70-80’% – of their diet), and the best collard greens I’ve ever had.Oh those collards!

This California gal has progressed from making green oatmealy-collards to serving edible greens, but certainly whatever they do I have not yet learned how to do.

The evening itself began, middled, and ended with prayer, stories, videos and photos, and with hope in Christ.

Silent Auction

Each table had a representative craft of Cameroon.  On ours rested a table and chair set beautifully carved from a dark wood.  How I would love to have my feet up in Cameroon in a life-size set like that!  Then again, missions trips aren’t designed with putting one’s feet up in mind.  From the stories shared at the banquet, it sounds more like serving and loving ‘til the sun goes down – and for a little bit longer!

And the serving didn’t end in Cameroon at the conclusion of the short- or long- term missions trips.   The youth servers at the banquet were careful to keep tea and water glasses full, bringing meals with a smile, clearing tables, and serving fruit bowl desserts.
Pastor HB Charles Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church

As sweet as the dessert and the stories were, it was the message of Christ, the Eminent One, that made it a treasure.

Pastor Ken and Pat


Our pastor, Ken Mitchell, from Westside Chapel (on the left in this picture with Pat Gaughn, short-term missionary-to-many, also from our church) shared about the Pastors’ Conferences he presents in Cameroonian villages.  His heart beats, it seems, with one of his favorite words: context.

Studying the Word of God in context, preaching the Word in its context is his message at home – and abroad.





I like here and I like there … and He is everywhere!


I thank our pastor for inviting our local church to the Bread for Life Banquet to hear stories of a beautiful branch of God’s family tree.
Photo credit thanks to Dawn Gaughn, daughter of Pat Gaughn, Bread for Life missionary.
And a special thank you to Bright Ideas Press for the use of their amazing WonderMaps program, offering a geographical glimpse of Cameroon, Africa.



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This post contains affiliate links.


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