Researching Writing Curriculum: Lapbooks


Research isn’t research until the eyes


so eyesight intact, I popped over to Write Shop’s website and – keep in mind, I’m looking for high school curriculum for an approaching senior– here’s what I click on first:

Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack

I don’t know if the word fold got me first or the word go, but either way, I found myself down the familiar rabbit trail of curriculum exploration.  When the kids were young, I would peruse high school material.  [Much easier to face our fears when our fears are years away.]


High school fears are far away

Now that they are older (one in college beyond my curriculum-seeking reach, and the other in her final year of home ed), I’m scanning fold-n-go’sWell, it MIGHT help on the SAT, right?

Ok maybe not, but in my defense, the publisher got me with the description’s first sentence.  Yes, that’s as far as I got.  I popped back over here to keep you in the loop.  Too much loop?  Sorry.  But you gotta hear this:

“Grammar will soon become your children’s favorite subject when you introduce them to Fold-N-Gos!”

See what I mean?!  This curriculum may be what we are looking for yet!

We love to write

Most in our household love to write, so it’s not writing that has bogged us down; it’s the grammar that boggles us.  If this curriculum author can make it fun … [heading back to read sentence two on their website …]

Lapbooks?!  Flipbooks?!  Oh yah, baby, I’m there!  (Now, just have to convince the 17-year old …)

“Simple … engaging … fun …”

Yes, I see the possibilities.

Oooh, i found the bugger:  list of topics covered.  Rats.  She already knows that stuff.  Maybe they have a Level 2?!

If you are in the early stages of grammar instruction, do check this resource out!   And send me stories of how you used it!

For me, it’s back to the high school hunt …

High school fold-n-go

Netbooks are the high school version of a fold-n-go.

Enjoy those twirly, swirly, delightful adjectives while you can!


I like writing and I like (fun) grammar.


What is your favorite writing curriculum?  (for young … or old-er)


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