Having teenagers in the house – and having a good relationship with those teenagers – opens so many avenues of conversation, it’s hard to choose which one to go down.  We usually go down them all.  Simultaneously.


The beauty of those heart-to-hearts is that we learn from one another, exploring life paths and …




Suddenly, we’re off chasing another subject!  Apparently squirrels this time!

Which brings me to a thought my teens and I have been pondering for some time:

Chasing Squirrels – Everyone Else’s Squirrels

Whenever someone announces, “We do this!” it provides a peek into their loves and an opportunity to live their love.  And there is a place for sharing our loves, and enjoying each others’ loves, but what about OUR loves?  Don’t they count, too?



When do we stop loving their loves – or at least looking into their loves – and start finding out what we love?  And loving our own loves?

For example …

Never mind. 🙂

I was going to list the squirrel bait that works on me, the topics that get me running down a rabbit trail quicker than you can say, “Hop to it!”

But I’m Concerned

If I say, “Squirrel!” will you run after my squirrel, while your own squirrel is left in a tree?  Alone.  Waiting for you to return?

Do you recognize your distracting squirrels? 

Do you have a hard time keeping your squirrels in line when you are online?   Here’s a printable for you!  Fill out the simple sections and post near your computer for easy reference!

The next time someone cyber-hollers, “Squirrel!” check your list.

  • If you’re nuts about the subject, follow the scent!
  • If not so much, save it for later.
  • And if you just don’t have the taste for it, nothing says you have to take the bait.


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