Learning from Bad Advice

I’ve received a lot of good advice over the years.  But I’ve also heard some bad.  Discovering we can learn as much from the bad as the good, here’s a bit of the bad, this given to me as my son approached kindergarten age:

Grant and Winter in Tams

“Since your son is only 19 months older than your daughter, and boys are slow and girls are bright, you can teach them simultaneously using the same graded [read: canned] curriculum.  Just hold your son back a little and begin when your daughter is ready.”

Where do I begin with how bad this advice was?  I suppose I’ll begin with the worst:  I almost took the advice.

Little did I know then – I was living on prayer and instinct – but I came to discover my instincts were right not taking the advice because:

  • boys can be bright, too (duh, huh?)
  • 19 months is a big difference
  • children – even in the same family – learn differently
  • children will express their different personalities in the edu-setting
  • holding a child back is as bad as forcing a child forward
  • boys do not always like goo
  • girls do not always avoid goo

Having nearly taken the advice and glad to have shelved it, I offer my own bit of advice, plain and simple:


If you have two children, treat them like two children.  You aren’t stuffing them into a public school box, so why stuff them into each others’ edu-shoes?


I learned my son and I learned my daughter.


Have you received bad advice we could learn from?


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