Summer Time – at home?


This may be a first.  This may be the first summer of my daughter’s high school summers that we actually get to stay home.  It’s a whole new world!

The last couple of years, by this time, we were either in – or packing for – Colorado to get her immune system out of the heat.

Colorado Summer

But with new treatments from National Jewish Health added to her regimen last year, our medical instructions are:

“Stay in the heat and humidity and see how it goes.”

Winter Treatment One Tough Cookie

As my daughter put it:  I’m ready for some overrated normal.

Yesterday it was 90 and she walked to church for youth group, so … so far so good!

Having a whole summer to play with, we are committing our time to God, anticipating seeing Him do wonders right here in our hometown/city of a million.

We have some ideas in the works:

  •  Producing videos for our co-op class; older kiddos playing fun bit parts to make history not only come alive, but hopefully make the younger ones laugh while they learn
  • And today in the kitchen:  Zucchini Bread with the hugest 3 for $1 dudes I’ve ever purchased!  (Yay for the farmer’s market!)

Big Zucchini!


How do you spend your summers at home?

We’d love some hot weather ideas because it’s a new one on us (again!)!

One thing I could do this summer … figure out where that exclamation point should be: inside or outside the parenthesis?  Hmmm, reminds me of our summer plans.  Inside?  Or outside?  Or cross-the-country-side?

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  1. Exciited for great things to happen this summer for Winter’s health and for your family! Hope to get a pick of your videos :-). Hugs – Maggie

    • The first video is complete! Wooohooo! I think I’ll wait and send you the one with the plagues though … the interpretive locusts and the screams are The Plague! (Well, if “wicked” is pleasant, and “bad” is good, then “The Plague” is “The Bomb!” Yes??)

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