It’s About Hope

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It’s About Hope by Winter Broadhurst

In this book my daughter shares her journey walking through sickness and her relationship with God.

Winter Indoors Outdoors

She is only 17 years old and … well, no better than to hear it in her own words, so here’s an …

Excerpt from It’s About Hope:

“I knew that in time God would heal me. Each morning I would wait to see if the fire ants were gone. And each morning that nagging sharp pain would greet me. As I looked outside into a world I wanted to explore, I wondered when God would give me the health to explore it in the summer.


After years of praying and hoping, I began to wonder, “How come I’m still sick?” I would get more and more diagnoses, so many I couldn’t count them on one hand. It made me wonder if God was punishing me. In my mind, I would debate with myself why this was happening. I would struggle to keep going, day after day. Another day of pain, another day of rude comments, another day of limitations. I was tired.”


That’s not the end of the story – there is so much more.  For only $16.50 (shipping included) you can pre-order your paperback copy of  It’s About Hope

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(Once pre-orders are received, paperback books will be out in approximately 2-3 months – hopefully sooner!  But please be patient as this is a new adventure into the self-publishing world, and I’ve heard stories …)


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