Babies and Blogs: Playing Dress-Up


When my babies were babies, we received so many cute little outfits, I loved playing dress-up.  Yes, even with my boy.  No, not in dresses.  Now that I have a baby blog, I find myself doing the same thing.

Grant Baby in Boots

I’m still learning the technology of Paint, Picasa and Word Press, just like I had to learn the technology of onesies, footsies, and blanket sleepers.  Some things, no matter how much we think they should go “that way” just don’t.  We have to work with what we have.  And what we know.

Early thoughts

Until someone comes along and sees our woes (children dressed backwards or blog fonts blurry) and helps us.  If help isn’t forthcoming (“You had the baby, you take care of it.”)  then we’re rather on our own to find information.   And that’s ok because how else will we learn the joys of discovery!

And I love discovery, even when I’ve found the instructors guide for blog design is just about as complicated, and as far from completion, as the one on Baby Design: Birth to Adulthood.


Winter in Strawberries

So, if the baby doesn’t look quite right (although my actual children are perfect!) or you’ve popped by and seen the blog-baby in various states of dress, undress, and what-did-you-put-that-kid-in-now, well, please be patient with me.   I’m a new blog-mama and winging it all the way.

And if you are endeavoring on a new adventure, whether it be blogging or babies or Barbie doll collecting, just remember it all takes time, patience … and a camera.

Now, I have to get back to cooking dinner for my babies.  At 17 and nearly 19, they don’t like me picking out their outfits any more, but they do still like to eat.  🙂

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  1. Wise words, Suz! Love this post.

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