Cyber Health: Risks and Warning Signs

Sitting in front of the screen, we have a lot of responsibility at our fingertips.  The health risks of computer-izing our world have become a hot topic of discussion.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck strain
  • Back aches
  • Varicose veins
  • Porn brain
  • Fallen to Sleep Syndrome

Although crocheting took me down (twice) for carpal tunnel syndrome, the computer gets me bad on that last health risk.

Fallen to Sleep Syndrome

I sit on my left leg tucked under me and it feels just right.  Even when the tingles begin, it still feels ok.  I know I should move it, but I don’t.  I let it sit there until it goes numb.  Then I figure, “Well, it’s numb anyway, keep it there.”  Until the phone rings.  Or it’s lunch time.  Or I have to go … um, well, you know.

Then, oh the pain!  The numbness which once was my friend is now my enemy.

And that’s how I feel about spam.  My first spam in my blog email I was feeling pretty good.  I even told my BEECH friends about it.  I was happy.  Somebody – or at least some THING – found me.  It tingled.

I knew I should have done something about it right away, but I didn’t.  I relished in being found.  Until the inbox filled – rapidly.  And I had to wade through the numbness of being found by people who just wanted to fill my inbox with their ramblings – not always intelligible and not always nice.  And mostly ads.

What once was comfortable, now hurt.  And the worse part?  I may have missed some REAL messages from REAL people because I didn’t block the spammers early on.

Sorry I missed you ...

(If you read my mini-cyber list up there, you might find this same process happens regarding other cyberhealth risks.)

For those who sent real comments in the last month or so, please know I wasn’t ignoring you.  I was just stumbling my way through deadened spam-nerve endings for awhile.

But I finally took the advice of my sweet BEECH friends, and installed Akismet, a spam blocker.  And boy, does he block spam!

My Homeschooled Spam Blocker


I wonder if they make those for left legs?   Oh, no never mind, looking at that picture, I think I just need to spring for a ergonomic computer chair.   Smile

Take care of your health, cyberly and IRL,

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