French Press Housecleaning: My Best Eight Minutes


Out of the Box Thursday

When I pulled the shiny metal and glass French Press out of the box on Christmas morning, I had no idea how it would impact my home.  My family may still have no idea how it has, but believe me, I know.  It’s given me the best 8 minutes of housekeeping of my day.

   French Press

How it works:

  • Stumble out of bed
  • Put water on to boil
  • Add coffee grounds to French Press
  • 4 minutes of decluttering and plant watering


(You didn’t think I’d show you my clutter, did you?  One day, one day …)  Smile


    • Pour boiling water into French Press
    • 4 more minutes of decluttering, wiping surfaces and general One Thing-ing*
    • Once the coffee is poured, the decluttering is pretty much over

Not that there aren’t places in desperate need of attention – especially if we’ve had a busy or health-challenged week, or both combined, eeeks! – but hey, the coffee is ready!   Smile

[Pause for a sip.]

Enjoy your day and if you feel pressed to do housework, make it French!


*More on One-Thing-ing coming soon!


  1. Love this: “Enjoy your day and if you feel pressed to do housework, make it French!” hehe.
    And I love my French Press too – especially wonderful if your electricity goes out because you can make it anyway. #storm survival

  2. I love the post… but which one of you wants to educate me on a “French Press”? I thought I was cool because I had a Keurig

    • No fears, Lisa! Maggie has a Keurig, too, and K-owners ARE cool! I love my FP because it a) doesn’t require filters, b) takes pretty much any kind of coffee, even fine-fine ground if you don’t mind a few fuzzy sips, c) I get to push the plunger when it’s all done (reminds me of my old carousel toy I had as a kid, I think), d) it looks pretty. 🙂 This is the one I have: .

      I tend to think of a FP (being from the west, originally) as a French Cowboy Press. Oooh, I’d better explain. Cowboy coffee with a plunger and a strainer. Does that help? The coffee grounds mull with the boiling water, then the plunger presses the flavor out. The strainer keeps it civilized. 🙂

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