One Thing-ing for Health

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Simplicity should not be complicated.

That’s why I have (once again) been One Thing-ing it the last couple of weeks.


Sometimes, with health challenges, To Do Lists of Many Things are just too much for me. I make the lists, then feel like I must accomplish everything on the list:

To Do List

Many days I do get Many Things done, my lists checked off efficiently, if not artistically. But sometimes all I can do is One Thing. On days I don’t have the strength, the balance (literally, as in gravity pulls at me like a cat yanking yarn), or the heart to do more than one thing, I feel defeated, as if I can do No Thing.

If I stay convinced that I have to do Every Thing, I tend to not do Any Thing (in the housework sense, for today’s post).

If you have read French Press Housecleaning: My Best Eight Minutes you know how much coffee (regular or decaf) helps my house. But some days, even those short eight minutes feel like eight hours.  And if I actually have eight hours … oooh, as much I like math, I’d rather not do it in this case.

So, I just do One Thing.

One Thing

I glance around the room and ask myself: What One Thing is bugging me the most, right now, at this very moment?

If it comes at coffee-making time it must be done in 8 minutes – with a 30-second pause mid-stream to pour water.  Most of the time, it takes much less than 4 minutes, so I choose one more One Thing.   If it’s any time after coffee, I still do just One Thing. I remove all pressure to do anything else when I feel the world on my shoulders, neck, legs, brain, etc.

Examples of morning housekeeping One Things:

    • Move dishes from dining room to sink. It seems we have thirsty midnight creepers in this house. I rarely catch them in action because I’m usually doing One Thing by that time: sleeping.
    • Wipe the stove top.
    • Put canned goods from the last shopping trip in our outdoor pantry.
    • Water the herbs on the back porch.
    • Wipe a refrigerator shelf.
    • Toss the ewww I found in the refrig while wiping the shelf. (Did you notice? Wiping is One Thing. Tossing is another.)
    • Sort one piece of laundry into a Personal Pile for People to Put Away.
    • Sort one piece of laundry into a Personal Pile for People to Put Away.
    • Sort one piece of laundry into a Personal Pile for People to Put Away.

That wasn’t a computer glitch – I consider each piece of laundry (or clutter) a One Thing. When I walk away from the task, instead of thinking: I only did some laundry, what a failure. I think, I did many One Things: success!

Whether I get one One Thing done or many, I thank God for the ability to do it.

One thing about One Thing-ing is the difference just one small change makes to a room. Others may still see the Many Undones, but I see how my small effort really did make a difference.

Hmmmm. That’s something to ponder …

Maybe that’s like studying the Word of God. We see – and God sees – the difference of One Thing we’ve applied, while others only see the Many Undones.

If you feel like Too Much is Too Much, here’s a FREE printable to help:  One Thing To Do List.

My To Do List Printable


Happy Health Tuesday!

What’s your One Thing?

This post contains affiliate links.

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