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Out of the Box Thursday

This summer, my daughter (17) and I discovered a new Out-of-the-Box In-the-Cottage passion and renewed an old one.  Both involve design!

After our simple lunches of What’s on Hand, my daughter and I have been playing “Bad Spy” tossing design weapons across the room to each other, fighting off the boredom of plain.

“Red marker, please!”

“Here it comes!” (toss and thunk) Oh almost!  Bad spy!”

“Send me a colored pencil – anything but yellow!”

“You got it!!”  (the toss)  “Hey, you GOT it!!  We could be spies yet!”


As we know from watching spy shows, it’s quite important in the World of Spies to be able to toss and catch.   Not that we’re actual spies, we just like to make routine events fun.

And what’s more routine than, “Pass me a hot pink marker“?

So … Why are we tossing design weapons?

We have accepted the Index Card a Day Challenge from Daisy Yellow, designing original works of art on 3 x 5 index cards!

Winter swirl


And once our own creativity wanes for the day (never fear the waning of the waxing of creativity – it will be back!)


… we continue our afternoon design theme of color and concept by heading over to HGTV online to watch the pros – and the pro wanna-be’s – on Design Star.

Our DS tradition began two summers ago at 5600’,



but we don’t have to give up cheering for (and against) our fav’s (and anti-fav’s) just because we are near (but not quite at) sea-level, waiting to see how the summer heat treats Winter this year!

Sea Level


While you wait for some moment you’ve been waiting for, toss in a few …

Index Cards


It’s a summer of design at Cozy Top Cottage!   What’s happening at your house?


Happy Out of the Box Thursday!  




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