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Out of the Box Thursday


Several streams have converged onto this post.  My netbook is dripping wet with thought.

The lost are still lost.  Just follow the hashtag #reality (that’s Twitter Talk – I’m pretty new to it, so thought some of you might be, too) and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s an eye-opener.


Especially when we’ve been following only those whose shoes we might be willing to wear. Or are wanting to wear. Or are plain old coveting for our very own self-esteem closet.

But what about those whose shoes are so dirty with sin without a Savior, so worn down by sadness, reality twisted like old shoelaces, lives mangled by fakes and flirts?

Do they want the truth?  I don’t know, but that’s not our role.

Do we want to share the truth?  That’s our role.  Ambassadors of Truth.  Ambassadors of Reality.

Jesus started with 12 characters.  On Twitter, we can be His voice with 140.

On Facebook, with real life updates.

On blogs, with as many words, with as many photos, with as many ideas as we can put to the page.

For no man – or twitterer – comes to the Father except by Him.

#Jesus #The Christ #Savior.

In the spirit of encouraging our own realities – of being real about life behind a computer screen – from here on out, I hope to remember (just being real about my memory!) to include a one-line Reality Check at the bottom of each post.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about reality.  See you in the comments section!  🙂


REALITY CHECK: I almost didn’t post today because I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged about finding my voice.   #reality

UPDATED REALITY: (January 2014)  I learned quickly that Twitter isn’t my thing.  Reality is important, tweeting not so much.





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