This is a Homeschool Site. Why Evangelism?

Mondays are for Homeschooling

Why do I bring up evangelism?  Reaching the lost?  Missions?  On a homeschool website?  Isn’t homeschooling supposed to be about books and curriculum fairs and math tests?


Yes, it is.  But as Christians, our roots are not generic.  Although our leaves sprout algebraic equations, word origins, and chemistry experiments, our roots remain in Christ, not curriculum.

As such, Jesus asks us to share His message to the world at large.  Or at small, as the circumstantial case may be.

“But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And  how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?”                                                                                                                 Romans 10:14

Are you a homeschooler?  A crocheter?  A Christian? A homeschooling Christian?  A crocheting Christian?  A crocheting homeschooling Christian?  

Or are you stopping by as a casual observer of one or the other, or maybe all three?  I’d love to meet you, so feel free to leave a message in comments.


As a homeschooling Christian, if I lose sight of the lost in the shuffle of tests and activities, experiences and exponents, I lose sight of the mission of Christ.  We can become good Christian homeschoolers and never utter an evangelical word. I want to be a homeschooling Christian, not simply generically obedient to the school district monitoring our educational progress, but obedient as well  to my Master Teacher, Jesus, who calls me: Come.  And share.


When my children were younger, I oft needed a reminder of my identity in Christ in the midst of multiplication tables and mud pies.  Up to my elbows in curriculum catalogs, I needed the nudge to look beyond the kitchen cupboards …

Orange Tree Cupboards

… and into the eyes of the grocery store clerk near tears seeking a Savior.

If I can be that nudge to you, while my life involves index card art and college-prep prayers, then I am blessed to be.  Do sign up for updates, nudges, and more!

And if you are nudged to join me in #reality whether that’s on Twitter or your local dollar store, then all the better.  What a gift you will give your children:  an eye on eternity – yours, theirs and the other guy’s.

Share Christ today.  Some how.  Some where.  And be sure to say hello in the comment section below!


TODAY’S REALITY CHECK: My eyes are blurring, but my vision is clearing.



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