Allergic to Car Rides

Health Tuesday white erDoes your baby have the itchies when you get in the car?  Or does your toddler suddenly go from sweet-ready-to-go to oh-my-gravy-just-sit-down, in the time it takes to buckle them in?


Creepy Crawlies and Unswallowed Swimmies

If this sounds like your experience, or your children have any allergies or eczema,  or you know someone who does, please read on!

When my teens were little, the doctor prescribed a jar of goo for eczema (which they still have) saying, “Use this, and you’re good to go.”

But no one told us that the very going was aggravating the problem.

Long story short, it wasn’t that my daughter (especially) didn’t like to travel, she didn’t like to travel with microscopic companions.

I didn’t recognize the culprit until the day we got out of the car and her elbows were dripping wet – with blood.  Yes, dripping.  Holding my hand under her arm to catch the blood running fresh from my little girl’s elbow, we dashed through our little friend’s birthday party, straight into the bathroom.  Cold compresses, paper towel pressure and prayers for wisdom got the flow under control, but my brain was out of it.  Control, I mean.

How in the world?  Where in the world?  What in the world?  I knew she was itchy, but this???

I went back out to the car to see what I could see.  Nothing much.  Oh, the typical toys and empty juice boxes on the floor, but that was just a sign that I kept my children entertained and hydrated.

Then I looked at the car seat from which my precious one had recently emerged.  I could see the skin chunks on the dark upholstery (oh, it was – still is – heartbreaking) and then I saw the goldfish.  Squished deep into the corners, aided by humidity, a goldfish-shaped cracker had turned to a wee bit of mold.  And that wee bit is all it took.

“Mold,” I mulled the word, recalling the doctor’s admonition to avoid mold and dust mites.

Dust mites we had conquered to our best ability on her bedding and in her room (no more stuffed animals – pouts for all).

But in a car seat?  They never said anything about the car seat.  Dust mites live in … oh, head slap, foot stomp, argh and grrrr … upholstery.

Winter and Grant in the Stroller

Car Seats (and Strollers).  Have.  Upholstery.

Laying a towel over her car seat, we made it home after the party.  Of course, the Benadryl had kicked in by then, so she snoozed most of the way.  Scrubbing the car seat, vacuuming my little heart – and those goldfish – out in tears, I kept asking myself, “Why didn’t they tell me about the car seat?”

In the years since, I have never encountered a reasonable answer to that question.

This has been a burning subject in my soul to share for a very long time.  And one reason why I wanted to start a blog.  Just to tell you this:

If your child is miserable (itchy, whiny, fussy, grumpy, sniffly) in the car, maybe it’s not the travel.  Maybe it’s her traveling companions.   Kick ‘em outta that car!  The mold and dustmites, I mean!   Not the siblings!  🙂


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