When You Want to Run Away

Out of the Box ThursdayEver just want to run away?  Run from responsibilities, to do lists, homeschool catalogs (I know, right shocking!), and complexities of life?

Mountain folk want to escape to the beach,  beach goers long for the mountains.  Either way a refuge, something like a bed and breakfast – preferably the breakfast served in bed.

Just shut life off at the spicket, that’s all we ask.  Ooh, my spell-checker doesn’t know the word spicket.  Hmmm, just in case it’s new to you, too, a spicket is the turny-thing on the end of a water pipe, usually outdoors.

As in …

If you are all muddy from playing outside, get a drink from the spicket.*

Little Ones at the Spicket

But, how do we turn life off when it is running around us like toddlers fresh from a mud puddle?

We run.  Hard.  Fast.  (Without leaving the house.)

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”  Proverbs 18:10

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Did you know the word “name” means everything there is about the person? When someone calls our name, they are calling the whole us, even though they may only know the parts of us we’ve shared with them.  They may not know the whole us for many reasons:

  • We just met them.
  • We haven’t had time or opportunity to let them know us.
  • We aren’t comfortable sharing certain parts of our lives.
  • We need help in a certain area, so we focus on that when we are in certain groups (Sunday School and ladies’ Bible studies come to mind).
  • Our time together is structured around an event or an activity (homeschool co-op, crochet club, etc).

When someone calls a name in a crowded room, for example, “Suzanne!” they are – from their perspective – calling on who they know me to be based on the life experiences we’ve shared.  But they are actually calling on all of me, for who I am, in entirety.

When we call on God’s name, the same goes. 

We are calling on Him based on who we know (or think) He is, but He is answering based on ALL that He is.

Now, that’s a refuge if I’ve ever been to one.  I can go to Siesta Key and look like I’m in heaven, while my mind races with thoughts.  Or I can sit on a pile of laundry, tears streaming down my face, safe in the strong tower of God of heaven Himself.  My refuge.

He didn’t say we have to run out of our house for refuge.  Just run to Him.

Where would you like to run (for fun) while you are running (for real) to Him?  Share in the comments section!


*On further investigation (it’s hard to let a good word go), I found why spicket is not in my spell-checker.  The more formal spelling is spigot.  I love a good etymology hunt in the morning.


REALITY CHECK:  Some days, it’s tough not to give up.  But give up and do what?  He has been my refuge over and over, so I run.  To Him.  Again.

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