Must-Read Book for Homeschoolers, Moms & Humans

image_thumb6Enjoying a little down time while back-burner-planning the future? Enjoying some white space on your calendar?

Are you looking forward to dreading filling cramming next month’s calendar/checkbook/emotions with activities, doings and sub-doings?

Few books make it to my Must Read List, but this is one of them, especially if you are where I was: overloaded and margin-less.

If “Hurry up!” and “Get your shoes on!” are more spoken in your home than “I love you” and “Sure, I can help you with that” you need to read this book. More and more moms (homeschoolers/humans) are frustrated with their overloaded lives, but they aren’t sure how to unwind the ropes around expectations – their own and everyone else’s.  The outward boast of “I’m soooo busy” has become an inward cry for help.

If you’re happy (and content) being overscheduled and overwhelmed, I still recommend reading the book.  It speaks to more than the calendar, it speaks to the heart.

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Without further ado (I know you’re busy!) here’s the book title:

Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Richard Swenson.


It’s all about leaving white space – margin – in our lives. 

Time margin, financial margin, emotional margin..  Enough space to say, “Yes” when someone has a spur of the moment need – or an unexpected tragedy.  Enough space to say, “Yes” when our children want to play playdough with us.  Enough space to read a book and rest, even in a busy season of life.

It’s also about saying, “No” …

  • when someone has a need.
  • when our children want to play.
  • and (gasp!) to reading a book.

It’s about having permission to choose well for ourselves when our insides are crying to the world, “You aren’t the boss of me!”   ( tee hee Smile )

If you are dreading (or looking forward to!)  the planning season, read this book first.  And follow up with the companion book, The Overload Syndrome: Learning to Live Within Your Limits.

And let me know what you think.  I’ve made white space for you!




REALITY CHECK: I took some time off my to-do list to get feeling better.  Now my to-do list is brimming.  But I am determined to keep the margins clear while my moments are lived to the full.

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?