Health Tuesday: Be Like a Butterfly – Wing It


Did you ever see a butterfly fly a straight line?  One just flew by my window-seat window, and I’ll tell ya, he looked like he’d been hitting the nectar a wee bit too hard.

That might be what our schedules – by necessity – look like when we have a not-so-healthy Health Tuesday, or any other day of the week.

How We Love Our Straight Line Scheduling

We like to know what’s coming when so we can either:

a) Prepare for it.


b) Procrastinate about it.

I’ve been trying out procrastination since it’s been a popular subject and I like to try new things.  But there are many things I’m not good at and procrastination is one of them.  I still like to nibble away at big projects here and there, like a good loaf of artisan bread, yeasty or Word-y.  If I wait too long to get started on it, the mold has taken over.  Then I sneeze.  And well, you get the picture.

But sometimes, all our planning – or procrastinating – goes down the medical drain when illness or injury invites itself into our worlds.  Whether it’s an acute bout of something-or-other or a flare of a chronic-something, our straight line plans go all kaplooey.

But, Let’s Call It Butterfly-y!

Doesn’t that sound better?

And that’s the first step when plans are toyed with by life’s interruptions:  Rename it.

I’m really good at freaking out, falling apart, and fussing ‘til I’m done fussing.  But it doesn’t work for me in the long run.  Nor for anyone else, I hear.

Sure, call it like it is (denial is a bad word in my dictionary) but when we take it to the table to change the schedule, let’s call it Butterfly-y-ing!.

We’ll get the big sips gulped (the gotta-do’s done) butwe can let the smaller flowers wait ‘til the storm passes.

Folks may think our schedule is funny strange, but like the old saying says,

“Don’t judge a flight pattern until you wear the other guy’s wings.”  Or something like that.  <—– Click to Tweet

And on that note, I leave you with this song:


(Note to Email Subscribers:  Videos don’t like to come through the email wormhole.  Just visit the website to view the vidI just love that bird!)

Happy Health Tuesday, Everyone!



REALITY CHECK:  Walking on a bone spur was fine when they numbed the daylights out of it.  Now that the numby stuff has worn off – eeks!  Oooh, reminds me of our Proverbs study – we can only numb ourselves (with sin?) for so long before the pain sets in.  God is good to us that way.  Now, to call the podiatrist …

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