Happy National Admit You’re Happy Month

Out of the Box Thursday

I haven’t read the news reports but they’re out there.  I’ve seen the blurbs on Bing, so it’s true: August is National Admit You’re Happy Month.  It’s gonna be a long month.

[Warning: This post may contain sarcasm.  User discretion is optional.]

Can you see the challenges this celebratory concept will offer?  Are you feeling the ambivalence, my friends?


First, we have to begin with the word, National.  No, let’s not.  Too controversial for an opening.  Let’s go with Admit.  The word still packs a powerful punch, but at least it won’t alert the Feds.  Or trigger Britain’s webcam, CCTV, spying through my toothbrush.

Spying through my toothbrush

So, the word is: Admit.  Admit it.  Admit it, you’re happy. Like there is something wrong with being happy???   Ok, there might be something abnormal about it if one is  completely 100%, fully and satisfyingly happy.  I mean, have you seen the news?  Watched TV, if only on a Roku?  Have you heard of RT TV?  Do we live among humans, animals or insects?

Any one of those scenarios should bust our Hundred Percent Happy Meter to shreds.  Or at least knock it down a degree or two.  So, we can’t be talking about 100% Happiness in the admitting business.

And I’ve not touched on actual personal scenarios of life.  I’ve only mentioned media.  It’s just not real.   (I’ll let you decide if, by that last sentence, I mean the media or 100% happiness. 🙂 )

The Happy They, as in Those Who are Asking Us to Admit We’re Happy, must mean something like:

Admit a piece of you is happy, a part of your life, that a slice of your mud pie tastes – not like chicken – but like lemon custard.  If you like lemon, that is.

Lemon Be Happy

With that definition, I think it would be safe to consciously admit we are happy.  Come on, it’s only for a month.  Something must bring on a smile.  Nothing?  Really?  Hmmm, you might wanna try chopsticks.

Then again, not everyone celebrates National Eye Exam Month either, which by the way, for your viewing pleasure happens to be August, as well.

The way I see it (which is getting rather blurry again, silly eyeballs) we can be happy and admit it, or be happy and keep it to ourselves.  I’ve kept my lemon slice confined  to my cottage way too long.  Time to put the squeeze on.

What do you think?  Wanna throw caution to the wind and fly our Happy Colors with National Pride (while we still have it and can have it freely?) and just admit it:

National Admit You're Happy Day


We’re happy.  And we like it that way.

Anyone with me?   🙂



REALITY CHECK:  I’ll be the first to admit it:  I’m happy and I know it, so I will praise the Lord!  Take that, Mud Pie!

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