Happy Contentment Month!

Out of the Box Thursday

“Hold the cyberpresses!  It’s not Contentment Month! It’s National Admit You’re Happy Month!”

Well, I didn’t say Contentment Month was national?  But maybe it should be.  🙂

While we’ve been pondering:

a) Are we happy?


b) Do we want to admit it?

How many of us churned in our brain blender:   What IS happy? 

What is happy

Instead of going all etymology on you, I’ll just say: I’m most happy when I’m content.  With what I have.  Where I am.  Doing what I can.  Not maybe thrilled.  But content.  And contentment breeds happy.  Not all the time, but it sure helps!   Are you with me? 

I can stay fairly consistently content until someone points out their discontentment with what I am content about.  How many times have I been on the beach, relaxing in the sun on the sand, and a bike rental bus rolled by? (Ok, not too often, but I’m working on a point here Smile.)

Suddenly, my brain goes into action and I am discontent:  I want to ride a bike on the beach.  How cool would that be? I don’t want to relax now – I want action.


I spend the next hour thinking how very awesome it would be to ride a bike on the beach.  I forget I was enjoying the relaxing sounds and sensations of beach life in the still.

In many cases, we’re content. Until someone tells us we shouldn’t be.

Each time we go another round with the fad of discontentment, we turn a mental somersault, feeling that maybe What IS Enough, Isn’t.  <===== Click to Tweet

Ready to take the plunge?

  • Where we’ve found contentment, let’s admit it – and be happy.
  • And where we are not content, let’s be honest with God, with ourselves and as appropriate, with others.

For example, although I am content in many areas of life, I’m not content in all – my heart still breaks for my children who have life-threatening, painful allergic reactions.  I am content in the Lord and His working in their lives, but there is a mama-discontent that hurts with them, wishing the fallen world weren’t so very fallen.

Other areas of discontent pop expectedly (and unexpectedly) into life, but it’s not Discontent Month, so we’ll move right along, because …

Where I am content, I am content.   For example, I am content to stay home.  I used to be a roamer, now I am a home-er.  In an age of running and going, I’m pretty content having worked through others’ (and my own) discontentment with my contentment.

A survey recently asked where I like to be in my town of a million.  Options were the beach, the country, downtown, etc.  I chose “other” and wrote in:  home.   Sweet contentment!

In what areas are you content?  Or discontent?  Do you see a link between happiness and contentment?    What are your thoughts about Contentment Month?

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REALITY CHECK:  Walking the Choose Contentment Road this very week,  I’m finding the choices are more about the moment than the mood.  Today, right now, I choose contentment.  And that makes me happy!



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