Cleaning With One Thing

Out of the Box Thursday

I like One Things.  One Thing is so much easier to keep up with than Many Things.

When it comes to interests and hobbies, I have a hard time narrowing God’s incredibly multi-faceted, multi-fascinating world down to One Thing.  Just too much to discover and explore and write about!

That’s why I’m glad this first year in the blog world is a practice run for me.  Just playing with the world, so to speak.

Play with Me!

And like playing, cleaning comes to mind. The multifarious-ness of the world around us is rather like the contents of the cleaning cabinet at our knees.  So many pretty colors, a variety of scents, all having earned the right to space behind our cupboard doors because marketing works.

But does the product work as well as the marketing?   Often, I have to say, it does not.

That’s why on this Out of the Box Thursday, I just have One Thing to say: Vinegar.

If you, yours, or someone you know cleans your house, be sure to read this post, Household Cleaning with Vinegar, by my BEECH Retreat friend, Jamerill.  The before and after shots of her scrub brush alone make the click-over well worth the window opening.

I’m a baking soda gal, myself.  But what box of baking soda doesn’t like a little vinegar to create a little relational fizz?

What’s your favorite One Thing to clean with?


REALITY CHECK:  Summer is almost over and my child is almost back to school full-time.  I can hardly wait for school to start again!  Not because she will be away from me, but because we’ll have more time together!  Gotta love back to homeschool time!

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