Dairy-Egg-Nut-Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe

DEN-Free RecipesDo you want to create a colorful timeline for your historical studies, but don’t have a container for your glue-wash?  Make chocolate pudding!

TIP-WARNING-HINT: No glue is used in the making of this pudding.  The photo of the glue is for timeline purposes only.  Do not ingest glue in any form, pudding or otherwise.  (But it is fun to smear on your hands and peel off when dry – after the pudding is made, of course!)

Tollhouse and Glue

First step, start with a well-loved recipe.  Here’s ours.  Smile

Beloved Pudding Recipe


Double It!

Since this recipe makes only a little bit of pudding – and we like pudding! – here are the instructions for a double batch:

  • Heat 3 cups of rice milk.  (I tried a dairy-free powder version and the consistency was a bit bizarre.  I am guessing soy or almond milk might also work, although we haven’t tried it. UPDATE: soy milk works great!)
  • In a small bowl, stir together:

                       7 TBS cornstarch

                      2/3 cup of sugar

                      1/2 tsp salt

                     6 TBS cocoa (no glue!)

  • Add 1 cup of milk (slowly) to dry ingredients, stirring as you go.
  • Stir mixture into hot milk.



Stir over heat until it thickens and is boiling gently – kind of like molten lava-mud popping and plupping (well, it sounds like plupping, although plupping isn’t a real word).


Add 2 tsp vanilla and stir until all blend-y and shiny.  Serve warm or chilled.


I grew up with half-and-half poured over pudding (hot from the stove or cold from the refrig), but we gave up the creamy dairy stuff for health reasons (mainly anaphylactic reactions and tummy trouble).  But French Vanilla Soy Creamer is delightfully close to that old-fashioned richness!

Jazz It!

To jazz up your pudding, you can add 1/2 tsp of one of the following when you add the vanilla:

Mint Extract

Coconut Extract

Extra Vanilla for Extra Richness

Zucchini Extract (just kidding!  Winking smile)


If you make enough pudding to empty your cocoa container, you can make a pretty timeline!

If you still have a lot of cocoa in your container, don’t worry – you can always use a small bowl for your glue-wash.  But who doesn’t love an excuse to make something chocolaty?  For educational purposes, you understand.   Smile

The next D.E.N. Recipe will be a cake everyone in your dairy-egg-nut-free family can eat, too!  Oh, and before I forget, here’s a printable version of the pudding recipe!

Happy Day!

REALITY CHECK: Some days are good days and some days are better days and some days are best.  Yesterday was a good day and today is a better one.  Smile  And I hope to have time to read my new library book today!


Post Edited for Clarity* July 2014

*If you forget to put the cornstarch mix in small bowl to mix with a small amount of milk, and you just dump all the ingredients into the pot (um, yah, that was me … hence the edit for clarity 🙂 ) just pour it all into your Vitamix.  Give it a whir until the chunks of cornstarch moosh into the liquid.  Then pour it back into your saucepot and heat ’til plupping. The consistency is actually quite lovely this way!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Gotta keep my yarn stash up, ya know!  🙂


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