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Mondays are for HomeschoolingAre you in the process of making a tri-fold history timeline,  prettying it up on the outside, but not sure what to do on the inside?

Timeline Patchwork Pretty

Here’s what we did for our homeschool co-op Mystery of History (Volume 1) first and second grade class:

Timeline Patchwork and a Wash

Using a mason jar, we made a paint wash from bottom-of-the-bottle acrylic craft paint leftovers swirled with water.  We were almost out of several blues, so that was the color we chose.  Sometimes artistic decisions are made by the resources at hand.

TIP:  It doesn’t take nearly as much wash as we made to cover the entire inside of the display board.  Using a foam brush it took less than 1/4 cup – so we had plenty of blue leftover looking for anything needing painting!  Smile

Display Board with Blue Wash

When the wash dried, I measured out eight evenly spaced lines for the timeline figures, just penciling the lines in for the time being.

For the first two lines, (enough space for the first few weeks of class) I used a black permanent marker and drew the lines in.  As we fill up lines with our homemade figures, I’ll add more lines to show the children that time keeps going.  And going. And going!

It’s also a good way to show the children that first there was nothing.  Literally, nothing but God!

And then He spoke: “Let there be … “ and it was!

Let there be ...

Time began!  And continued …

Jubal, Tubal-Cain and Noah

And continues …

Time Begins

And the timeline will not only continue to grow with people and events until class ends in the spring, but we will keep adding to our own timeline of life!

Along that vein of thought, not only are we creating the class timeline above, the children are also creating notebook timelines, with their own artwork each week.  The first assignment was to create a page with a picture of them as a baby, and date it with their birth year.  Then add creation – Did God create the world before or after you were born?

I’ll share more about our co-op class schedule next time on Mondays R4 Homeschooling.

Happy homeschooling through history!


Bye for now!

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  1. Love this idea and the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    PS – your reality check cracked me up!
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