Homeschooling with a Chronic Illness

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Health TuesdayAh the challenges – and the joys! – of homeschooling when life presents one or more of us with less than the endurance of an athlete, a mind less consistent than a Greenwich clock, and/or an immune system with lightning speed reactions to what most call harmless substances and activities.

Count the Clowns!

Chronic illness is nothing to clown around about, but ya gotta have fun, too!  Join me over at Bright Ideas Press for a series about homeschooling with chronic illnesses – whether it’s the mama or the kiddos who don’t feel so good.

The first in the series is for those who fill in the edu-calendar, but feel like blech more often than one would like to feel like blech:

Homeschooling When Mama has a Chronic Illness

The second is a two-part post, an interview with my teenage daughter who has met health challenges with grace, peace and a huge dose of growing compassion:

Homeschooling a Child with a Chronic Illness

Rough, Tough and Full of Love @SuzBroadhurstWinter and Sparkles @SuzBroadhurst


For more posts on homeschooling and chronic illness, including a bit of my son’s story of near malnutrition because of a hyper-reactive immune system, browse here.

Homeschooling when family members are struggling physically won’t look like your proverbial neighbor’s edu-journey, but it can be even better!  Not that we’re comparing, of course.  Winking smile

Happy Homeschooling!

Bye for now!

REALITY CHECK: Today is my annual MommyGram (some call it a mammogram, but we don’t, tee hee).  Think pink.  Smile


This post contains affiliate links.


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