Unplugging, Warm Turkey Style

Out of the Box ThursdayI’m not shutting off the electricity to my house, but I am committing cyber-social and cyber-advertising semi-suicide.  And I’ve already started the process.

I thought of going cold turkey next year.  But I like the smell of turkey.  It knew it would be hard giving up the bird.

So now the plan is to unplug this fall:  Warm Turkey Style. 

I wanted you to know, in case you were looking for me.

And I wanted you to know in case you, too, are finding your cyber-life to be sapping your IRL-life.  There is a way out, and I fear it’s the same way we got in, just in reverse.  We said, “Yes.”  Now, we (or at least, I) need to say, “No.”

Here’s how I’ve been in the process of saying no the past few weeks:

    • First, the easy stuff: Email advertising.  I unsubscribed from every company I signed up for that sends only ads.

You know the kind:  Buy this.  Now

  • Then, the medium-hard stuff:  Email coupons.  I like getting coupons because I like saving money.  But do I use them?  Very seldom.  The coupons in my inbox became a mind game for me:  “I’m saving money because I get their coupons.”   However …

Potential savings do not equal kinetic savings.  Unsubscribe.  Delete.

    • Next, the somewhat hard stuff: Chumming for friends.  I mean, Twittering.  I tried it, I don’t really like it.  But I may come back for the occasional party, if I remember.  And I’ll let folks know if I have something to say.  Like Tweeting this post, for example.  I’ll probably browse the stream when life gets boring again.  For the time being …

If I start to bore, I start to snore.

    • And my last tackle, the hard stuff: Facebook. My hope is that when I think of friends by name, I will pray for them, rather than just popping on to see what they’re up to.  Or to see if they still like me, or anything I said.

I haven’t gone cold turkey, but I’m certainly down to warm with the oven on low.

    • The uber hard (impossible) stuff.   I have friends, associates and responsibilities that are only accessible by email.  But maybe with all the junk mail out of my inbox, I will feel more betters about the junk-mail-to-human-mail ratio.

I’d like to return to the days when my email account was a tool rather than a tyrant.

So, if you don’t see me in cyberspace much, you’ll know I’m most likely at home, enjoying the last year of homeschooling with my precious daughter, and my last year with my son going to college just around the corner.

I know, it’s not “the” way to grow a blog or to create a social presence, but I’m not on the planet to grow a blog.  I’m here to grow a family, who needs my presence.

I’ll still have my turkey, but I won’t be drowning in its juices.


Love ‘n’ life, one bite, one moment at a time,

Bye for now!


REALITY CHECK:  Some days, I’d really like to go cold turkey on life, too.  But God keeps me here, so who am I to argue?  (Although I do.)  Just thought I should be honest since this IS a Reality Check.  Smile


  1. I am on the fence about going warm turkey myself. I keep cutting back. Maybe the best way to describe it is Holy Spirit-led. Gotta keep praying til I get it right.
    Thanks for the post – very encouraging!

    • What a kind note! Opening Facebook came to be like walking down the potato chip aisle for me. If I walk, I buy. If I buy, I eat. If I eat one, well, you know how that works out. 😉 Thank you for the encouragement that others are seeking Him in search for wise ways to use (and not be overcome by) technology. 🙂

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