Recipe Box for Crochet Patterns

Out of the Box ThursdayI love crocheting.  Hence, I love crochet patterns.  I love finding crochet patterns.  But I don’t love trying to remember where I put my patterns.

For instance, some time back I received an email with a free crochet pattern for a beautiful Christmas pillow.  And so simple, just a red pillow with a wide white bow.  All crocheted.  Easy.

So, I made the two sides of the pillow (double crochet rows until about 16” square) without referencing the pattern a second time.  Pretty!  But while I was making the squares, I forgot where I saw the pattern to create the bows.

I must have saved it.  SomewhereIn my email inbox?  It’s a habit I’m trying to break, but I thought it was worth a look.  Nope.  Not there.  (And I looked three times.)

Where did I put that silly pattern?

Must be in my bookmarked favorites.  Nope, not there either.

Hmmmm,  I’ll just go to the website.  Was it or  I’ll search them both, just in case.

Now, what was the pattern called?

I would have called it:  Red Pillow with White Bow, but you know they get all fancy pattern naming, so I went generic in my search-engine search: Christmas pillow.

Nope.  Although I found four new patterns I’d like to try, I didn’t find the one I wanted needed.

It dawned on me – after numerous word searches, including red pillow white bow – that maybe I favorite-ed it on my netbook rather than the desktop.  While Slick (our netbook’s given name) revved up, I chatted with my daughter saying something that triggered the memory:  Pinterest.


I put the picture on Pinterest !  Yes, that’s it! I pinned it, so I would know where it was when I needed it. Silly memory!

And there it was!  My pin led me to the website.  The website led me to the download of the free ebook in which the pattern is located, which led me back to My Documents on the netbook which led me to the very pattern I was looking for in the very free ebook which I had already downloaded (some time back) into a file called Crochet.

Whew.  That wasn’t easy.  But I found it!

More Good News

In all that searching, I discovered:  All Free Crochet has a pattern box.  Like an online recipe box.  That we can pop crochet “recipes” into at our whim, interest, and leisure.

It’s like All Recipes’ recipe box — but for crochet patterns!  Smile

Not only does All Free Crochet have an online box for patterns, so does Fave Crafts! And somehow the two websites are hooked together, so my log in info for one is my info for the other!  Could it get any simpler than that?

So, the next time you are hungry for a project, find a recipe to stitch and save – all on the same site!  Oh, and so you can start your pattern boxes, the free sign up is in the right hand column of both websites.

Happy Stitchin’ and Savin’!

Bye for now!

More Online Crochet Recipe Boxes

REALITY CHECK:  I have the two red pillow sides completed, and the white bow and ribbon.  Just waiting for a run to the craft store to get a pillow form, or the stuffing to make one myself.  I should have the Christmas pillow ready in time for an Easter nap!

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