When Your Son Wants a Peanut-free Star Wars Pillow


I’ve always enjoyed making things for my children.  As my son has grown up from his days playing in cardboard box boats to now tutoring English in the college lab, it seemed my Making Days were over for him.  But then he saw …


The Fabric

Star Wars fabric, while patiently waiting for his mom to browse the craft store.

And he remembered his peanut pillow from years gone by had worn itself to pieces, information he was quick to share, giving me those big buck eyes of his.

The Offer

“Pick out the fabric you want and I’ll make a pillow,” I shared, thankful that I had enough mama-gumption to keep galactic warfare from taking over my computer chair re-upholstery job with Millennium Falcons and those cute little starfighter ships.  (Yes, he would groan at “cute little starfighter ships” but he’s busy tutoring.)

“You would really do that for me?” he asked, while I was secretly thinking, “You would really let me do that for you?”

The Pattern

So, the fabric came home*, and the basic peanut pillow pattern from my husband’s grandma came back to memory.  Of course, I now call it a peanut-free pillow since my children have life-threatening allergies to nuts and legumes (peanuts are a legume – crazy, huh?)

I sketched out what I could remember of the pattern, then cut it out from heavy paper.

The Pattern

I drew a chalk line to guide my scissors.

The Chalkline

And cut out four identical pieces.

The Cut (4 of them)

Sewing right sides together, I pieced two … uh … pieces, from point to point.

Then I added a third side, matching up an unsewn right side to a new unsewn right side.

And then again.

The Sewing

The fabric always gets a little gobbled-y up on me, but I just keep pushing the already sewn sides out of the way until I get it nearly all sewn together,  leaving a 3” gap to turn and stuff it.

The Important Part

Stuff to your child’s firmness specifications, handing him the bag of stuffing if he {ahem} gets too picky.

Then whipstitch the gap closed.

The Stuffing

Although my grandmother-in-law used to make something called a peanut pillow, obviously something was lost in the 15 years or so since I made my last one.

That’s ok!  It is now a Cute Little Starfighter PillowOr whatever my son wants to call it!

Oh what a gift to make gifts for our children!


Bye for now!

REALITY CHECK: I may be coughing my way through the week, but I’m living it to the fullest.  Just a little stuffed up – kind of like a starfighter pillow!


  1. Suzanne Broadhurst's Son says:

    It is a TIE Fighter Pillow.

    • Ah yes, that’s it! I looked up Star Wars fighters and got such a LONG list. Who knew there were so many different kinds? Oh, yes, I imagine you would, oh loving son of mine. 🙂

    • * For full disclosure, it has come to my motherly attention that I left out an important detail: my working-man son bought the fabric himself. 🙂 Although, in my defense, I don’t see anywhere in the post I laid claim to making the purchase. But these things are important … because he is important to me! 🙂

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