Crochet Project Notebook


Out of the Box Thursday

It began as a simple interest: a skein of yarn, a crochet hook.  Over the years, it became a hobby.  The more stitches and techniques I continue to learn, the fancier my results are becoming, so I think my hobby has become an official fancy.

For me having a fancy creates the need for an online recipe (pattern) box and a hands-on notebook, keeping ideas with like ideas – and ideas I like.


Latest Creation:  Crochet Project Notebook

While my new online recipe box for crochet patterns contains dreams and ponderings, I need to have a printed pattern when hook actually meets skein.

Hook Case

My yarn basket – overflowing with completed projects, projects in process and balls of yarn remnants – is very good at hiding buried folded scraps of printed instructions, skein wrapper patterns, and notes of my own as I adapt patterns to suit my needs, whims and obsessions.

This isn’t a problem until I decide to revisit old patterns, digging through mounds of small yarn balls, most unwinding because I forgot to put pins in – or transparent tape on – the yarn ends.

Lightning Bug Yarn Jar

I’m learning,however, that problems are just opportunities for new approaches – or application of old ones.

So, I pulled out an old one, a favorite application, a 3-ring binder, and created a Crochet Project Notebook.

Crochet Notebook Cover

I now have one place to put all the printed patterns I want to try, patterns I have tried, patterns I love and those precious notes of self-discovery.

Crochet Notebook

And as a newbie in the world of teaching crochet, it’s a great place to keep lesson pages for students, too!

Lesson One Chain Stitch


Happy yarnin’ to you!

Bye for now!

REALITY CHECK: Plans may be planned, and plans may need to be unplanned, but this post was planned (and written) before another Epi-Pen and ambulance  (thanks be to God) kept my daughter in our life’s plan again.  Next plan: wait and watch her recover.

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