Are Hard Things Always the Best Things?

Health Tuesday @SuzBroadhurst I’m pondering this question today amidst some hard things.  Some things seem to come so easily to others, and I can do (some of) them too, but they come so much harder for me behind the scenes.

I would use downhill skiing as an example, but I don’t ski.

I used to cross country ski, but I imagine that would be difficult for me these days, too.  For one, I live in the flat south (although a sink hole was spotted not far down the road) and for two, I’m not in shape like I used to be.  Yes, I used to be in shape. 🙂

Yep, some things came easy for me and some things never did.  And I’m tired of the struggle.  Ok, there I said it.  I’m tired of doing hard things when so many easier things await.  Things I enjoy.  Things that are useful.  And pretty.  Like crocheted things.

Hats, and scarves, and camera cases …

Crocheted Camera Case @SuzBroadhurst

… and pretty tote bags (post coming Thursday – Pretty Peacock Tote Bag).

Even Though It’s Easy

Maybe it’s all the health stuff, maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s getting wiser, but I’m really tired.  With the energy I do have from sunrise to sunset, I want to do what I enjoy, even though it’s easy.

Dear gravy, I wouldn’t want you banging your head against a crochet hook if you didn’t enjoy it, so why am *I* banging my head against multiple hard surfaces?

Maybe I’m not designed to do the hard thing.  And maybe that’s ok?  I don’t know, but I’m sure gonna give easy a try.

Cows of Condemnation

Herd of Condemnation @SuzBroadhurst

I’ll have a herd of condemnation to fend off, but since I’m fending it off while doing hard stuff, at least I have practice.  And I can apply my still-in-training-wheels skills while I’m doing what I enjoy.

Fluttering by for now, on my way to the easy stuff,

Bye for now!

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