Goal Planning for 2013

Out of the Box Thursday

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Oh good, it’s Thursday!  Just the right day to share a 2013 Goal Planning idea.

We’ve seen to-do lists, planning calendars and goal sheets based on productivity, productivity, productivity and a little stress management to keep us on our toes and not pass out cold.

However, I’m seeing a new need in the planning department.  Now that we have Mega Input Opportunities (MIO’s) from sources in our own communities (newspapers and news stations), and from across the world, we can get lost in gathering intel, but not have time or energy to output what we’ve learned.

Anyone with internet access know what I mean?

Add in social media, and we could live with our fingers on the keyboard 24/7.  But there’s a real world out there needing our involvement, too.


“In our love for input, let’s remember to output.” <— Click to Tweet


That’s why I created an Input Output Goal Sheet for 2013.   If I get feeling a little overwhelmed – or underwhelmed – I can look at my list and see where I am lacking.

Input Output Plan

Am I giving so much of my time and energy that I’m not soaking in some love (or information) for myself?

Am I spending so much time gathering (and creating) recipes that I forget to cook?  (Yep, that’s me.)

Do I collect crochet patterns, but forget to crochet?  (Nope, not really.  But I do get hooked on – tee hee – a favorite pattern and tend to make it over and over.)

A Little Help

I just noticed my year’s goals begin and end with food!  With food allergies in the house, it makes sense.  I just have to make sure I have healthy input and output levels. I can get mighty obsessed with hunting down recipes!

In the spirit of output, here’s a little help: a blank worksheet to help you plan a healthy balance between what you are putting into your life, and what you are sharing outwardly.  (Document will open in Google Docs, if all went well technologically.)


2013 Input Output Planning @SuzBroadhurst

Speaking of output, I’m looking forward to tonight’s foray into 3-D snowflake making!

For more on goal planning and how to teach your children to be goal-oriented, pop on over to Bright Ideas Press for my post:  Six Ways to Teach Children Goal Setting.

Happy Planning and Happy Doing!

Bye for Now

REALITY CHECK:  Just because it’s on my to-do list doesn’t mean *right now* is the time to do it.  🙂



 This post contains affiliate links.


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