Healthy Holidays

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Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you to avoid the chocolate fountain or to take it easy on the buttery cookies.   That tune has been played on Christmas harps for generations.


I’m just here to say:  Oranges


Holiday Health: Oranges @SuzBroadhurst

What a perfect time of year to consume oranges!  Not only are they in season, they are chock full of all those vitamins we need to fight off bugs and such.

These particular citrus puppies are called Page oranges – a rare species, they say.  Oh how I love slices of ‘em sprinkled lightly with salt!

Yep, that’s all I’m here to say:  Oranges


The Orange Shop @SuzBroadhurst

If you can’t get good ones locally (even in Florida, grocery stores don’t carry very good ones), check out Citra’s Orange Shop.  They ship right to your door!  And just so you know, I don’t get a sip of commission – they are just so good I had to tell somebody.  Smile

If you’re ever in Citra, Florida stop in and have a sample sip.  Bring an ice chest because their fresh-squeezed juice is a-maze-ing!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled slow-it-down-so-we-can-enjoy-the-slices of real life warm-turkey holiday program!

Happy Healthy Holidays

REALITY CHECK:  When one simplifies what others expect to be complex, it can throw others for a holiday loop.  But when one simplifies so one can enjoy the holiday, others’ loops become the loops of the others.  And then the one can enjoy the some, while not jumping through the hoops of others’ loops.

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