Homeschool and Illness: What to Do When You’re Behind


Mondays are for HomeschoolingThe first thing to do is panic.  Of course you will.  It’s natural.  And natural is in.  Smile

Now that the panic is over (It is over, right?), take a deep breath and …

Look Objectively

When our gizzard is in a tizzy …

(Just for the record – someone is recording this, yes? – tizzies are not panics.  Tizzies can be by-products of panics, but are not officially considered panics themselves.)

… it’s hard to think objectively, but do try.  Pick up each subject’s textbook or course requirement list (whether homemade or store bought) and look objectively at what needs to be completed.  And by when.

If graduation is looming (like it is for us this year), is it absolutely necessary that the history text be finished by your original graduation date?  Either change the graduation date (how’s that for the love of homeschooling flexibility?) or change the timeline (or expectations) for work completed.*

Plan Accordingly

If your child is recovering from a severe illness for a length of time, don’t push them to get caught up in a week.

Surfin' On Hospital Time

Spread the catch-up work over a reasonable period of time.  You will be more relaxed and your child will be more relaxed.  And the work will still get done.

Remember, learning is the key to education, not the number of pages turned.

Write down what needs to be done and by when.  Share the information with your child.  Take a(nother) deep breath.  And dig in, one edu-spoonful at a time.

Add Sugar

Don’t forget to add some extra sugar to those edu-spoonfuls: the southern kind of sugar, as in love moments.  Your child already feels poorly; adding guilt to the mix will only slow them down further.  Offer reassurance, support and comfort along with encouragement to keep pressing on and complete their educational goals.

Two anaphlaxic reactions and an icky blechy virus in one semester have slowed us down a bit this fall.  We may be going in fits and starts, but we’re going!

Fluttering by for now,

Bye for now!

REALITY CHECK: It’s cold.  Like for real.  Not just pretend cold in the low 70’s.  It’s 47 degrees.  At 1:30 pm.  Yah, P.M.  Brrrr.  All I’ve got to say is: Smile .


*Check with your local requirements.  In our state, we have complete autonomy over coursework as long as progress in line with their ability is made each year.  Physical illness can be included in measure of ability, but should not be used as an excuse for laziness.  Just sayin’.  Smile

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