Unplugged Observations: Ex-spend-itures


Out of the Box Thursday

Just a few observations from a few months of Unplugging Warm-Turkey Style:


I spend less time checking three days’ worth of emails than one day’s.

I spend as much time simply enjoying life as I did reading fine print on coupons in my inbox.

I spend more money on yarn and less on anti-shoulder-ache meds.

I spend less energy worrying about the big world out there and more time praying for it.

I spend more time with my family and less time with photos of my family.

I spend more time with my feet up than my dander (up).


I Can Crochet and Still Listen @SuzBroadhurst


I’m missing a little bit of life by unplugging warm-turkey style, but I’m gaining so much more.


We’re so afraid of missing something if we don’t stay plugged in,

but what are we missing when we do?


Fluttering by for now,

Bye for now!

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