Don’t Take Down the Christmas Tree – A Valentine’s Idea


Out of the Box ThursdayThe holidays aren’t over just because a new calendar comes out of plastic wrap.

There’s a whole year of holidays to celebrate!

So before you pull down the tree, leave it up!  If it’s artificial, of course.  🙂


Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here’s how we loved-up a little corner of our lives:


Happy Valentine's Day @SuzBroadhurst

Frugal is as important as fun!

My daughter and I bond often over construction paper and a bottle of glue.  And any other crafty items we have around the house.  🙂

Frugal is as Important as Fun! @SuzBroadhurst


We cut out paper hearts and paper crosses, I crocheted a heart tree topper, and we draped a wee strand of paper streamer between dollar store gem rings, leftover from a birthday tree of years past.

Turning off the multi-colored Christmas lights, we left the white ones on to twinkle up the winter evenings.

I’ll be posting our trees with simple decorating ideas throughout the year, so be sure to sign up for the email updates!

Happy Celebrating!

Bye for now!

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