Homeschooling: Fending for Ourselves


Mondays are for HomeschoolingOn days I felt abandoned by God, left alone to face the transitive verbs, multiplication tables, and do-I-hafta’s, I thought He was making me fend for myself.

But I found He wasn’t making me walk the line alone.

He was letting me.


He let me try to walk everyone’s tightropes (including my own) even when they led crosswise to each other, each counterclaiming: “This is God’s will.”


Falling from the Ropes

When I fell from the myriad ropes spread before me like a maze of jute, He caught me.  Every time.

And then He taught me, when I sought Him.  Really.  Sought.  Him.

God Doesn't Make Us Fend for Ourselves @SuzBroadhurst




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